Rooted, stock(ish) UVMA2 rom from the Feb 2013 OTA.Edit

This is the rooted, debloated stock(ish) rom created from the OTA. This is a large file because it is the full rom, not an incremental update.  This is meant to be a more or less stock, rooted experience without some of the extra apps.

How to Flash via CWMEdit

Backup before flashing! This also includes an NV dump[link needed]. The NV dump will backup your IMEI and other things just in case things go completely ary. 

Download the link [insert CWM link - gee one/noptys] and save it to the external sdcard.

Warning: Flashing a custom recovery will trip the flash counter and could possibly void your warranty. Do not proceed if your not confident in your ability.

How to Boot into Recovery Mode:Edit

If you have terminal. Open a terminal session and type:

  • su
  • sync; reboot -r[need correct syntax]

If you do not have terminal power off the phone. Your going to boot the phone while holding a key combination. Press and hold these buttons at the same time: Home + Volume Up + Power. Let go of the power button when the phone vibrates. Let go of Home + Volume Up after the logo with the blue text on top, or after your into the recovery.

Flashing via CWMEdit

If you are on a stock system (not CM), then wipe system and cache before flashing, but leave data intact. Assuming your in recovery:

  • Wipe data/cache or go into "mounts and storage" using the volume keys to navigate and the home/pwr button selecting items. If you choose the later option (it allows you to keep your app data if your on a stock-ish rom)
    • format /cache
    • format /system

If you are on CM9/10.1, then you will probably want to backup first and then wipe system/data/cache.

After wiping the appropriate partitions to your situation, we proceed with the ROM installation:

  • Reboot into recovery
  • select install from zip
  • select sd_card
  • select the downloaded ROM
  • select yes
  • if it fails, fic permissions main menu>advanced>fix permissions

Some of the bloatware is removed. If you have applied any app updates, you probably won't notice any of them missing, since the update saved in /data/app will replace the one that was previously in /system/app. You will, however, be able to uninstall the updates.  Additionally, the carrier diagnostic files are removed system/app/IQ* and system/lib/libiq*

Tethering isn't patched, although the LJ1 tethering patch should work on this ROM.  The APN in customer.xml is patched for tethering, but that is in the LJ1 tethering patch anyway.

This rom also includes Superuser.apk in /system/app; and the su binary and busybox in /system/xbin.

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