This is a modified version on Clockworkmod recovery.  Thanks go to koush and the d2tmo devs who did all the hard work.

Flash via CWMEdit

This version of CWM recovery uses the recvoery binary from the SGS3 version of CWM recovery and the init/ueventd files from the stock recovery.

Note that only the external sdcard is accessible, so save any roms to flash there.

MD5( e46dd7af2de37026784c9e2514580cb7

Flash via HeimdallEdit

Obviously, if you don't have CWM already installed, you'll have to flash via heimdall or Odin.

To flash via heimdall, download the file above and unzip it.  There will be a recovery_mod.img that can be flashed with heimdall in linux.

Open a terminal, connect the phone via the USB port, and put the phone in download mode.  Then type:

heimdall detect (it should confirm that a device is detected)

heimdall flash --recovery recovery_mod.img

(someone test this because I usually have to use the partition numbers to flash with heimdall.  I'm intentionally not saying which one, but feel free to update if --recovery doesn't work.)

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